Father’s Day Brunch at Grange — Help Welcome!

Broad Brook Grange’s spring season of a cluster of food events (Sugar on Snow Supper in March, Mother’s Day Brunch in May and now this event) concludes for 2017 with our 21st annual Father’s Day Brunch on Sunday, June 18, 7am – 1 pm, an all-you-can eat affair, with famous made-to-order omelettes and much more.  This is an event which helps keep the building going — heat & electricity, paper towels, insurance, maintenance & repairs, etc.
We’ll shortly send out a reminder of the event itself to encourage folks to attend as customers.
The Grange members also ask people and organizations which use the building or have an interest in preserving it to suggest that we could use some help putting on the brunch.  We welcome donations of baked goods, and other food supplies, and especially can use additional staff.  There are a couple of work shifts on the day before, but particularly at the event itself.  Some workers arrive as early as 5 am, and clean-up afterwards usually goes too 3:30 or 4 pm.  But we are happy to have people take — or create — a shift anywhere during that time period.
Perks: (tho modest) include free breakfast — you can even order eggs or an omelette and take a break at any time to have a lavish brunch.  Also, if you’re there at the end of the event, there’s always cool food stuff you’re free to take home.  BUHS students may also get Community Service hour credits.  And it’s a friendly event & fun to work on.
Here is a link to the sign-up BringIt list.  Thanks, Don