Community Calendar in the Gazette-we need your events

The Guilford Gazette will publish a community calendar on one of its pages. If your non-profit would like to list your meetings or fundraisers, please send the date and a brief description to Marli Rabinowitz,
The deadline for the first (Feb. 2014) issue is Dec 15 so if you know your annual calendar that would be great. IF not send me what you have and we will format it in and could wait a week or so for exact date.
Sorry for the short notice.
Also issue #2 is not scheduled yet so send all dates you know and we will decide how far out to list. Probably at least June (my guess).
Thank you!
PS This is non-profit only, for business events use the Front Porch Forum or even better, take out an ad in the Gazette! It will be mailed to every home in Guilford!