Guilford Gazette Will Publish a February Issue

Guilford Gazette Meeting November 13, 5:30 pm Guilford Country Store

Proposed Agenda

1/  Report on what’s happened so far.

2/  Tasks to put out a paper in February. We might need to add more.

Editorial- solicit articles, edit text, determine content,create articles, accompany kids on interviews

Production- place text, place ads, final layout, arrange and supervise printing,m prepare for mailing, develop schedule

Business- solicit ads, bill for ads, pay bills, bookkeeping, mailing labels

3/  Task assignment

4/  Timeline

5/  Other things we haven’t thought about.

6/  Set another meeting date.

If you are interested in working on keeping the Gazette alive, please come. If you’re interested, but can’t attend this meeting, contact Cathi Wilken at or 254-6545.